A Word for America: The Patriot Party

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We have an “Establishment”, “Corrupt” GOP, a Socialist/Marxist Party and an obvious two-tier system for justice in the United States.


By Jim Stockstill

1-15-2021 (Friday evening/early morning)


(NWC) The Lord told me clearly most of the Justice System, Corporate America, the media (forerunner of the false prophet), the RNC and the GOP is irreversibly corrupt. I asked my son who is like Karl Rove – Jr. Rove, who led a group to endorse candidates for the National War Council, how many do you think who serve in the Senate are good? Luke mentioned Coach Tuberville, Mike Braun, Tim Scott and a few others (maybe 10). In the House of Representatives, he felt most in the Freedom Caucus were Patriots. We saw what the Vice President did on November 6th (certify an election when legislators from several states were asking him not to certify but send the results back to their state for a full audit). And then 10 RINO’s joined Democrats in voting to impeach the President for a second time. Once again, wasting time rather than trying to help a hurting nation. Lastly, I will quote one of Luke’s friends who ran for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, Derrick Grayson, “I have been telling you about those RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) for seven years.” Yes, you have sir, and no one listened. They are now by the grace of God.

One bright spot, thankfully not all of the RNC or elected GOP officials are corrupt but the system is irreversibly too corrupt to continue in its current state. So, today, we have an “Establishment”, “Corrupt” GOP, a Socialist/Marxist Party and an obvious two-tier system for justice in the United States.

One for them (the Elites) and one for the everyday hardworking man and woman – believe the elite of both parties call American Patriots “deplorables”, “irredeemable” and brainwashed by the current President. No, we just love our nation and whether you are a person of faith or not – we (America) were divinely founded and have One True God – even if the Speaker of the House removes those words or Scripture from the House Chamber. 


Word of the Lord

Hear the WORD of the Lord, “the cup of inequity filled with pride, arrogance, corruption and the worship of Baal is overflowing and patience of your God with reprobates has been tried long enough. I AM have given you time to turn from your wicked ways with warnings in dreams, loved-ones, and events in your life. No longer saith the Lord. You have schemed with evil and enriched yourselves while my people suffer and call out to me for relief. Now you thwart Justice and conspire with the ‘Hammer and Sickle’ to steal that which is not yours to steal. I alone establish Kings and remove Kings at My pleasure, and yet you with the Prince of this Age seek to change the times and the seasons and usher in his time of terror before its time. Not yet, saith the Lord, I AM a ‘covenant keeper’ and I AM not turning away from MY PEOPLE that have cried-out in the ‘Eagle.’ Watch, in the days ahead as I remove you from your lofty perch as vultures and give authority to those rightly chosen by the people of this nation. The ‘Donkey’ has become an OX for the Dragon – as the Dragon will become an OX in MY HAND – woe, woe, woe unto those that have tried to destroy that which I AM have established as a ‘light.’ The elephant will be no more and I AM will raise up another – The Patriot Party – that loves this land that was established for My name and My glory. I will continue to awaken True Patriots of the ‘Eagle’ as I did before when she sought freedom from tyranny. Watch, those that doubt, mock and say it will never happen – yet those of faith know that nothing is impossible for the Lord of Host. I AM have purposed this in MY HEART and it will come to pass saith the Lord.”


Joseph “Jim” Stockstill 
The Unknown Prophet in Texas
“National War Council” – Chairman, Formation Committee
Dallas Metroplex



“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God…”
II Corinthians 10:4

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