‘A Storm is Coming’ – The Chariot

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“It is upon you America”


In the vision of the storm the Lord showed me in December 2018, I sensed in my spirit that it would take time to form. When the Lord says “No More Delay,” we in the natural realm believe it is an immediate message we are prophetically decreeing or hearing. Over the years, learning more about the Lord and how to communicate and understand visions and prophetic words, I know that His timing is outside of our natural realm compared to the spiritual (unseen) realm where time does not exist. He is from everlasting and eventually we learn from Isaiah (55:9) that His ways and thoughts are as different from us as the “heavens are higher than the earth.”

In more than forty years, I have only had a glimpse of heaven on a few occasions, and I have seen the fiery “chariots of Yeshua” on three occasions. The privilege to view is not frivolous or to be taken lightly; in fact, they are dreadful and will shake you to the core of your soul/spirit for days. There is no picture to accurately depict the sight or description of the sound that accompanies the chariot. The closest I find in scripture is the absolute dread and fear the Israelites felt at Mount Sinai. (Exodus 19:18) Another proof of the chariot moving in the unseen realm is when King David was told in II Samuel 2:24, “As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the poplar trees, move quickly, because that will mean the LORD has gone out in front of you to strike the Philistine army.” Finally, you may want to read the account of Ezekiel 1:4-28 to try and visualize.

With the splendor of His Glory (obliteration – think standing in proximity to the sun) and the consuming fire (intensity so hot it is invisible https://youtu.be/Ku7TdLeEGsQ), the Lord surrounds His presence with dark billowing clouds. With His Glory, Fire, and billowing clouds surrounding Him, a phenomenon of lightening and shaking of the earth (think earthquake) occurs.


As has become customary over the years, I was taken to a height above the earth standing with the Lord. As the “Storm of Justice” had finally formed over the nation (a year in December) – from sea to sea and border to border, I saw another dark billowing cloud the size of a mountain in the center of the country. From the cloud came lightening, rumbling thunder and a shaking of the earth. As I watched the mountain of dark clouds moving there was a dread in my spirit and yet a measure of hope as well. From the initial Storm of Justice, there were already lightning strikes happening in parts of the country – mostly on the east (where the storm came in from the Atlantic Ocean) and west coasts. This was different, the size of the mountain and the strikes emanating from its mist were more pronounced – some were a beautiful blue (sapphire) and others were a fearsome red (scarlet). Each strike seemed to be directed at a specific target/location and for a particular purpose. The strikes were quick, decisive and had a profound impact on who or where they struck. As the mountain began moving to various parts of the country the Lord knew my thoughts – “do you want to know what the mountain and lighting strikes embody?” Without answering He said, “I have come myself to bring both reward and judgement on those that I have watched. Of My remnant their time of restoration and promotion has come, and on the wicked My mercies and compassion will now turn to Justice and Judgement. Look my son, My chariot goes before the Angelic Host that I have released for this hour.” Once again, I was permitted to see the burning Cherubs and Ophanim (Wheels within Wheels) that form the fiery chariot of His Seat/Throne. He, Yeshua, was in His Glory (as in Revelation) and His scepter was directing both blessings and curses – rewards and judgements on individuals and entire states. As an all-knowing Shepherd, He was dividing His sheep from the goats. I was stunned and unable to speak and unable to understand everything that I was shown.

The vision ended.

Prophetic Word:

“He who is Holy and True and holds the Key of David, I open and no one can shut, and what I shut no one can open. I have watched the sons of men, and the prayers of my beloved ones have been poured out before Me as a sweet incense. Now, I will separate the righteous from those consumed with evil – My beloved sheep from the goats. The evil done in My nation has become a stench in my nostrils, and though I have given time for repentance, the arrogant have continued in their wickedness. Although you think your deeds of darkness have been hidden, I will expose them to the light of My Justice. You have followed in the path of your Father the Evil One, so I will judge you as he has been judged and found wanting. Yours will be pain and suffering, and as the “Watchers” you will witness the loss of your children as you have taken so many innocent lives. You are reprobates and have stained the soil of My earth with the blood of My children. Now, you will watch in horror as I strike you and your man-made dynasties – they will crumble as towers of sand. The crimson lightening strikes.

For the righteous that have endured endless tests, trials and ridicule; your time has come. I know that you have little strength and many of My Children believe your service in My Kingdom has come and gone but this is a lie of discouragement and the spirit of heaviness. With a new garment of joy and beauty for ashes, you will arise from the dust of oppression and the shackles holding you in the wilderness are being removed. As I set Joseph free, your time in obscurity has ended and promotion in My Kingdom has come. My Spirit will bring afresh the prophetic words, visions and dreams that I have given over the years – and those in advanced years, a new anointing and favor is upon you. With my Spirit, we have much to accomplish for My Kingdom. Lift up the hands that hang down, the knees that are buckling, and know that I AM bringing a fresh fire into the weariness of your joints – a healing fire of renewal into the very marrow of your bones. I have seen your faithfulness – though weary you have not denied My Name, NOW watch as I AM begins to perform the miracles you thought were buried in your past. Look and see that your Lord is good. I AM He who is, and who was and who is to come.”

Prophetic Word Ended.

October 31, 2019 (around 2:00 AM)


Joseph “Jim” Stockstill 
The Unknown Prophet in Texas
“National War Council” – Chairman, Formation Committee
Dallas Metroplex



“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God…”
II Corinthians 10:4


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