National War Council Quarterly Membership

Sign up for our quarterly membership subscription below.  Each quarter you will be billed $31.50, this includes a small set up fee. You can cancel at any time through your account or on PayPal.

**** We are no longer offering a monthly membership.  People are signing up and then cancelling membership shortly thereafter.  When people cancel their membership, we have to pay a fee to PayPal for this.


NOTICE – Please Read:

The membership software is now functioning properly and members should be able to log in.  After purchase of membership, please be aware that it may take a day or two for your membership to be confirmed in our system – this is done by design (PayPal).  To log in, proceed to the membership area and log in using the user name and password you set up during your initial sign-up.   If your password does not work, then please use the link to reset it.  Please do not sign up and immediately email us looking for log in information.  We have been inundated with such requests and we cannot reply to all of them.

Thank you for your cooperation