Which is Better, the World or Jesus? You Can’t Have Both

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Faith in Jesus is not a harsh load to bear, and it’s certainly not a curse, it is a blessing and a gift


By Greg Holt

Today’s world preaches and teaches in a very loud voice the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches that we are supposed to hold near and dear as our personal values.  Is this coincidence?

Not.  Hardly.

If you are a student of the Word Of God (the Bible), or are even somewhat familiar with what the Bible teaches, then you should be able to recognize a simple fact that has direct correlation to the world we live in.  Everything the Bible teaches, all of its precepts, values, the very core of what, why, and how to be a follower of Jesus – is mirrored in the ways of the world – only these values and teachings etc. are the polar opposite of all that the Bible teaches to any that would listen.

The world and its ways is exactly how and why Satan is so successful in his hate-filled drive to woo people away from God, even to the point of convincing people who really do believe in Jesus to sin, possibly even to walk away from the Lord.  The world and its ways are enticing.  Lets be honest here, sin is fun – in the moment.  The results of said sin are not so fun.

Think about it, what is the most prevalent theme in movies, books, music etc.?  I submit to you that it has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with the world.  The world that we are instructed not to love or fall in line with.

If it feels good do it, if you want it, take it, if you want to be it, make it happen.

The Bible teaches that all life has value, that the Lord knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb.  The world teaches that abortion is ok, actually it is better than ok, it is a woman’s right and is to be celebrated!  Abortion is merely a necessary medical freedom and a right that cannot be taken from a woman.  After all, a child is the expressed property of the woman, it’s her body after all, and she bears the right to do with this child (it the world would say) as she pleases.  A child is a mere inconvenience to many women, not a God given gift to the woman as well as the man involved.

Same-sex relationships and marriages are normal and natural.  Homosexual men and lesbian women are installed as deacons and elders, and even ordained as ministers in the Church.  Greed and coveting even to the point of using violence, or even killing someone to get what you want is ok.  Having an affair is no big deal and divorce is common not to mention very acceptable.  Sex whenever you so desire with whoever (even married people) is perfectly normal and acceptable.  Porn is no big deal.  Drugs and alcohol are widely used and accepted as being ok.  So-called protests (because rights matter above all else) that go so far as to loot and burn down buildings have become common – worse yet, the media at least would have us believe that these violent “protests” are allowed and even sanctioned because the people have just cause.

All these things and many more are directly opposed to the Word of God.  If God says it, represents it and commands it, Satan will see that the world fights against it.

15 Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”  2 Chronicles 20:20b

Satan will go to ANY lengths to see to it that the people of this world do not prosper, do not believe in Jesus.  Satan does not want us to read and learn the Bible, does not want us to pray and have faith and trust in God – because then we will not listen to him!

Many might come to the conclusion that what I say here is crazy talk, but it’s not.  The world (people) and its accepted ways – are all set up to oppose God.  Think about it for a minute and look at the examples I listed above.

Here are a few more examples of what I mean:

Schools can teach on the Muslim religion and what it means, its values etc., but they most assuredly are not allowed to teach about Jesus.  Scripture, the name of Jesus etc. is being removed or covered up in government and other public buildings.  Praying in schools is a no-no.  Praying before a meal in public seldom happens anymore and is frowned upon.  Marriage being enshrined as being between one man and one woman is an outdated and unacceptable concept.  Instead of upholding values, morality, and family – “entertainment” enshrines and worships the gathering of power and prestige and at any cost.  Taking justice into your own hands is always right.  Drinking and drug use are cool, violence is condoned, and casual sex is a right.  Winning is what matters, having all the cool toys, the expensive automobile, and the fancy and pricey house in the “right” and prestigious neighborhood are all that matter.  Family, values and morals mean little to nothing.

It has been said by many a non-believer that those who are believers in Jesus are dull and boring people.  Believers do not get to have any fun, because their mean old God won’t allow them to.  This idea is so ignorant and stupid it’s almost funny.

Here is a thought – believers understand that one does not have to drink and use drugs to have fun, nor does one need to sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry that “looks” good.  Not everything in life is fun, nor does everything have to be fun.  Marriage is a sacred commitment not an extended one-night fling.

Believers in Jesus simply do not go against what God says not to do.  It’s not that God doesn’t want anyone to have fun, when God says, “no, don’t do that,” what He is really saying is, “please don’t hurt yourself.”

Think on this too – if believers are not having any fun, if they are as miserable as the world would have you believe, then why do so many believers appear to be better adjusted and happier than the rest of the world?  Why do many believers have more patience, are more willing to help others financially and otherwise, do better in a crisis, and have more stable homes among other things?

Faith in Jesus is not a harsh load to bear, and it’s certainly not a curse, it is a blessing and a gift.

It’s not that believers are so much better than any other people; rather it is because believers have Holy Spirit residing within themselves.  If left to our own devices, the life we are to lead as a believer is not merely difficult, it is impossible.  Hence the reason that we are given Holy Spirit to help us do what we could not otherwise do on our own.

All, and I do mean ALL the problems in the world can be traced back to the break-down of the family – which in turn can be traced back to a loss of faith in God.

So many people whether or not they are believers in Jesus will talk about how things used to be better in this world.  What they (many) will not talk about is the reason why things used to be better.  That reason is faith in Jesus.

How is your faith in Jesus?

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