Vision of Ant Beds

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By Joseph “Jim” Stockstill

November 26, 2018

The months of September and October 2018 have been one of the wettest in the history of the State of Texas as well as the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Storms with heavy rain have passed through the area nearly every day. With a break late last week, I was able to mow the yard and noticed many ant beds. After mowing, and wanting to rest a few minutes I went to lie down. At that point the Lord gave me the following vision (Tuesday – October 18, 2018):

The Spirit took me up in the air and the Lord and I were viewing dozens of ant beds that were spread across the country (mostly around large urban cities). Each ant bed was very large – around 30 or more yards in circumference with a large hole (entrance/exit) in the center. Many (hundreds) ants began to pour out of each hole in a uniform and precise manner. There were two types of ants and two distinct sizes. Other than their size, one group were normal looking ants that appeared to be about a yard in length with a human face.

The others, abnormal ants, looked two times the size with a demonized human face. Each had straight antenna coming out of their heads with large pincers. Their legs were long, large and powerful with sharp saw blade looking appendages. They moved rapidly and with the precision of a military and seemed to know their destination. As the Lord hadn’t said a word, I knew to wait and simply observe.

The next thing that appeared was enormously sized anteaters scattered in proximity to the ant beds across the country. Believing the abnormal ants were the size of a small riding lawnmower while the anteaters were similar in size to a large John Deere tractor. The anteaters began to greedily eat and consume with pinpoint accuracy the abnormal ants.

Unlike previous visions where the Lord explained what I was seeing and helped me understand the scriptural basis and application – this time the vision ended. At that point, without an explanation, I more or less filed it away and figured if it was important the Lord would reveal its meaning in His timing.

Sunday (October 21, 2018)

After working around the house on projects in preparation to show the home to potential buyers, I went to lie down for an afternoon nap. After awhile, the Lord said, “…are you curious as to what the vision of the ants means?” Knowing my thoughts, He began to explain the vision.

Intrigued by the demonic looking ants He started with them; “…the large ants you saw are ‘warrior ants’, they are programmed to fight from the time they are hatched. Their body is like armor and they fight with the pincers and defend themselves with the sharp spikes on their legs. They are coming out of the ground where they have been hiding – waiting for a day of destruction. As you know when you were observing ant beds in your yard, My Word has come like a rain storm with the election of my “appointed one” and has caused panic and shaken the Gates of Hell.

Like the weapons of the warrior ants (the abnormal demonized ones), the enemy coming against your nation is fully armed and will not hesitate to use any form of violence to bring destruction and warfare. They are now being summoned to come out of hiding and destroy.” At that point, I felt nausea, angry and had many questions. With my experience in visions, in my spirit I felt He would tell me more at another time. I thought of the other ants and asked what do they represent? He said, “…those have come into your nation in deception and slip into the shadows throughout the land. Many are harmless but not all and none are like the fierce warrior ants.”

And what are the anteaters Lord? He said, “These are Angelic Warriors, there is nothing like them in battle. I AM sending them in answer to the alarm sounded by the watchmen – the remnant that intercedes for your nation. There are evil schemes to harm my “appointed one” and plots to reverse the alignment with My Son (I knew He was talking about Israel). They will fail as My Host will fight in the heavenlies and My Ekklesia takes her proper place in ruling and reigning on the earth.

I wanted to know more but He simply said, “wait, you will see”.


Joseph “Jim” Stockstill 
The Unknown Prophet in Texas
“National War Council” – Chairman, Formation Committee
Dallas Metroplex


“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God…”
II Corinthians 10:4


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